Domestic Programs

LOGODI is recognized as one of the foremost training institutes in Korea, and provides mid- to senior-level local government officials with the education they need to apply in their respective areas of expertise. It further conducts specialist training in local administration for heads of local government, local councilors, and other top officials.

Every training program is tailored to the needs of its participants and the requirements of each local governments' development strategies. Courses are carried out with the latest instruction methods, and evaluations are taken and assessed for the constant development of each curriculum toward the best possible experience.

10-Month Programs

Longer term courses for directors-general, directors, deputy directors, and women officials, to enhance the strategic skills of policy managers and strengthen the capacities of core managers.

New G5 Leaders Program

Six-week course for officials scheduled for promotion to Grade 5, to enhance their leadership qualities, knowledge, and skills and facilitate their transition to leadership roles.

Policy & Specialized Programs

Three- to five-day courses for local and elected government officials and local public enterprise employees, to enhance ability to implement policy and strengthen expertise in specialized areas.

E-Learning Programs

Courses for officials in close to 250 subjects that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, managed by LOGODI's E-Learning Center.